Mobile Phone Advancements to Expect in 2018

It seems like everyone young and old has a mobile phone. Mobile phones have advanced over the years. Now in addition to making and receiving calls a person can do anything that is done on a computer on their smartphone. These are some mobile phone advancements expect in 2018.

Artificial Intelligence

There are new AI apps that are being developed to improve their function on mobile phone. Developers are improving voice recognition and language translation programs. They are also looking to make these apps that will be able to assist with decision making and are integrating them into the basic mobile phone platform.

 5G Networks

The internet speeds and capabilities are always improving on mobile phones. The 5G network will be introduced soon. This network is expected to be super fast and is said to be 10 times faster than the 4G network.

 Personalized Ads

Companies will have access to the likes and dislikes of the user of the mobile device. They will be able to show a person ads hat are relevant to their needs. A person will no longer be overloaded with advertisements. They will only be shown content that is relevant to them.

 Improved Speech Recognition

Speech recognition has not been the best over the past couple of years. They can be frustrating to use at times and often put the wrong words in the text. During 2018 this software is expected to improve significantly. During 2018 the programs will be seamless to use and a person will be able to have a conversation without frustration.

 Improved User Interface

Mobile devices are using the latest technology so a person will not even have to touch their phone to use it. Phones are being made to be compatible with smart speakers as well as voice searches. Mobile phones are being designed to be hands free.

These are some of the advanced that a person can expect to see on mobile devices in 2018. New and improved technology is being developed so a person can have a positive user experience with their mobile device.