Is Your Phone Charger Depleting Your Battery Life?

Your phone’s charger is supposed to do one simple but important thing; recharge your battery. But did you know your charger could actually be draining the life out of your battery? Today, we are going to learn several different ways that your charger could possibly be causing your battery to die an untimely death.

Unofficial Chargers

If you are using an aftermarket charger, you just might be doing your battery harm. Many unofficial chargers do not help to high standards during the manufacturing process. This can lead to poor quality chargers that can drain the life out of your phone’s battery. So instead of going the cheaper route, spend a little extra money and get an official charger. For a few extra dollars, you can make your phone’s battery last longer.

Over Heating

If you leave your phone on the charger overnight, it may become overheated and damage your battery. If you have your phone in a case like most of us do, this can add to the problem. Because your phone can’t get air during the charging process, it can overheat. So if you must charge your phone overnight, make sure to take it out of the case.

Charging A Dead Battery

Once your phone’s battery has been completely drained, your charger could potentially contribute to depleting its longevity. Instead of charging a dead battery, try to keep your battery level at 50 to 80 percent. This will help prolong the life of your battery and your charger will not be an issue.

These are just a few ways that your charger may be destroying your phone’s battery life. Remember to always make sure that you are using an official charger that was produced by your phone’s maker. Also, remember to keep your battery level at 50 to 80 percent and only charge it overnight if it is out of its case.